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Family Visit Visa

  Family visa : 
·        Two recent photographs (4 cm x 6 cm) no more than a month old

 ·        Visa application filled in its entirety and signed

 ·        The visa slip (No more than 3 months)

 ·        The copy of the IQAMA of the sponsor in Saudi Arabia with expiry date

 ·        To prove a daughter son relationship, we need a birth certificate, or the name of the father on an old passport.

  ·        To prove marriage, we need a marriage certificate or the name of the husband on the wife's passport.

·       Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc. from Canada have to be notarized and stamped from Canadian Foreign Affairs.                
·       Any Certificate from outside Canada should be translated to Arabic than notarized and stamped from foreign affairs.
·       Certificates from Arabic Countries should be also notarized and stamped from Foreign Affairs.
·       Any application without these requirements will be sent back to the agent.

 ·        A flight reservation going from and back to Canada ( tentative reservation not bought flight)

 ·        The notification paper signed by applicant, which we will check through the signature of the passport

 ·        Copy of the applicant passport ( all passports must be signed)

 ·        Original passport


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